Dual Language Immersion done correctly answers real questions about 21st century education.

It doesn’t take an extensive literature review or an exhaustive tour of programs to see that dual language immersion programs exponentially improve educational outcomes when implemented correctly… So why doesn’t every district in the nation turn to dual language immersion?  Why doesn’t every University have a rich Middle Eastern Studies department?  One could get the wrong idea.

Political Correctness (a repost from 2005)

Published in 2005, long before Portlandia… If you have ever listened to Dandy Warhols or listened to Damali Ayo talk about Portland types, it’s clear that I am not alone in noticing Portland types are often a sort of..different. I say this with love, I am a Portlander and I work with Portland “types”.  Recently…

Some thoughts on being a language teacher: linguistic imperialism

I have been since I decided what I wanted to do, a language teacher.  I didn’t end up here by mistake. The first place I went was Russia with Peace Corps.  Peace Corps had in high (sarcastic) comedy brought all these “teachers” to one of the most educated countries on the planet to teach the…


The thought occurred to me this week “What if the temp lingers between 34 and 59 degrees all summer?” like it has this spring.  Actually, 59 is balmy. I think I am listening to NPR too much and all their sounding of the environmental crisis alarm bells.