Minnie Jean & how to get your kids to act right.

Such everyone called her.  We had the honor of hosting Minnie Jean Brown Trickey at our middle school last week.  For the uninitiated (like myself) Minnie Jean Brown Trickey was one of the Little Rock 9 from Central High when the U.S. desegregated schools.  Her story is pretty amazing so it was cool to have…


The thought occurred to me this week “What if the temp lingers between 34 and 59 degrees all summer?” like it has this spring.  Actually, 59 is balmy. I think I am listening to NPR too much and all their sounding of the environmental crisis alarm bells.

What do you do with a pregnant teacher?

There are times in life when I felt like people looked at me like a question mark. As in, I was a question mark. Like when I was a young adult and my parents worried about my future and my decisions. As a pregnant teacher I also feel like that. I am asked daily what…


Imagine, if you will, in your mind what a doctorate in linguistics looks like. Pocket protectors? Pasty complexion? Greasy hair? Notebooks full of sentence trees? Dry humor referencing prepostional phrases? Overly caffeinated sweats? Saggy belly? A little too excited about bilingual research? Anyone who has ever studied linguistics or language acquisition knows his name. Mainly,…

Administrative Superpowers

Consider;  an executive without a desk, a zookeeper with animals but no habitats, an actor with no stage, a pilot with no cockpit.  Instead, the executive has a suitcase, the zookeeper has a large fenced area where animals roam intermingled, the actor has his body and the pilot has a seat in the economy section….