the story


because perhaps i have been here so long, the story can’t be told without the pictures.


and because i have been here for so long, there are so, so many pictures.


some so old, you may have seen them before.


but regardless, they tell the story of lives.  firsts.   and of blessing granted.jan-2011-092

pictures which tell a story of so much humanity.  growth. and love.

summer vacation 2015-94

of the best times.  of sisterhood.  of familyhood, which I can’t help but wonder if isn’t the most potent way that God uses to teach us about Him.


despite all the breaking apart, growing up, and learning that happens and seems to shatter every previous illusion.

of  having arrived at a desired spot.  or realizing that the desired spot includes heartache that one never saw coming.

summer vacation 2015-34

and so we grow, along with our charges, amid beauty and delusion of what we thought would be.

March 2014 (53 of 58)

the story never stops. No matter if you try.  It can only be captured.

Sabrina Prom 2014 (1 of 2)

moment by moment.

Easter Eggs 2014 (3 of 31)

for what it is.  elusive.  joyous.  immediate.  and nonstop.

amid parties, events, lack or abundance.

March 2014 (5 of 58)

Trappist Abbey Nov 14 (44 of 64)

may 2015 (48 of 162)

March 2014 (22 of 58)

the learning, adventure and beauty continues

Easter Eggs 2014 (24 of 31)

ready or not.  it comes.

may 2015 (5 of 162)

ready or not.  here it is.

Homeschool Sylvie Feb 2014 (1 of 1)

Homeschool April 2014 (3 of 4)

October 2015 (9 of 19)

may 2015 (60 of 162)

have a pancake.

Bathtime Feb 2014 (4 of 6)

March 2014 (26 of 58)

fall 2013-10

grab a camera


and lean in to life.

aug09photoshootatpark (15)

because the adventure is as wild as you want to be present for.


so lean in, and let the wild rumpus begin.











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