So, this.


When a person writes in the same place for ten years to not ask “what am I doing here?” is unnatural.

Perhaps this is what I have aspired to all this time.

Maria Popova’s BrainPicking

Finally a place where the purpose is not to market oneself, which seems like just the scratch of the surface of how an online record could be used.  Rather, a compendium of ideas, wonderings, thoughts, noticings and all the ideas and notions that one wants to not forget because they are beautiful, interesting, important and worth reviewing.

Because after ten years of writing for no purpose but my own, finally it can be said “THAT is why I am writing,”

A compendium of notions.

Maria records her discoveries, her ideas and her inquiry here for us to grow curious with her a learn along side.  I love it.

And now I am going to read 3 books I found here.

Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman

Congratulations, By the Way by George Saunders

If this isn’t nice, what is? by Kurt Vonnegut



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