Administrative Superpowers

I wrote this ten years ago. It might have something to do with why public classroom teaching isn’t something I am in a rush to get back to…


Consider;  an executive without a desk, a zookeeper with animals but no habitats, an actor with no stage, a pilot with no cockpit.  Instead, the executive has a suitcase, the zookeeper has a large fenced area where animals roam intermingled, the actor has his body and the pilot has a seat in the economy section.

Late last academic year I learned in a one on one conversation from the department chair that I was not going to have a classroom this school year.

I also found out that I was going to have to teach a different skill set.

I was trying to look beyond feeling slighted, tread up on, and get my zen on and just look past it.

I watched management in action happen after I packed up all my teaching gear.

That week was uniquely dreadful, not to be duplicated since and probably never again (problems at home too…

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