Worlds apart

Having written this 3 years ago, it is rare I re-read anything i wrote and approve of it. Reposting because yes, it’s all still true.


it is good to hear the tale of someone who has met success by being inspired and following through.  -David Adamshick

The fluorescent lights always buzzed. Sometimes, after being there for a long time, I wore them like a heavy coat I couldn’t wait to take off at home.

The plastic seat with the writing surface attached said “I am cold and uncomfortable, but come, sit down.” Time to get what we are requiring you to do to receive that piece of paper.  The one that you want.  The one everyone says you should get.

And in the seat behind the plastic seat I go to sit in is a tall slender sandy-brown haired brown-eyed man.  After reading his writing and speaking with him, what I mainly notice is his enormous tranquility or solitude, I cannot tell which, that overwhelms the buzzing electric lights for a moment.  And then my…

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