August is a beautiful time of the year.

The rest of the calendar waits for August.

Like honey it arrives so slowly, and lasts never quite long enough… but while August is here the indulgences that might have to be stolen the rest of the year are welcome, right and timely.

The ice cream outing with a child.  The 4 pm nap.  A 9 pm dinner of popcorn and smoothies.  Waffles late on a Saturday morning.  Reggae in the morning.  Thank you August.

August is the flowers that were planted so carefully in March blasting forth as only zinnias can.  August is the pile of camping trip mess that will be dealt with, perhaps in September.  The slow turn of the ceiling fan, the yawn of the dog, the dappled sunlight through leaves rippling on a wall.

Where August is rich in indulgence, rest and culmination of the break that was wanted all year long, August is also a poor month, as a teacher.  It’s the month where the bills are only 3/4 paid, the savings account is approached, the vacation now complete, with every last bit squeezed out of the budget.

But it is barely felt, because everywhere else are peaches, homemade ice cream, hiking with friends, harvesting and bottling wine, summer reading and the roar of waves crashing on sandy beaches to such that the squeaking sound coming from the tapped wallet hardly registers.  Richness everywhere else encloses the numbers and mutes them with every other joy.  Hugs and snuggles from children, connections with friends and summer chores behind us or given up. Thank you August.

Tan legs, bathing suits, lazy bike rides, kites, dirty feet, picnics and sunsets from a sailboat…  thank you August.

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