My next trick…

I have been writing here for 10 years.  See…?

Places I have lived

and the the first on wordpress…



March 2014 (12 of 58)

yes her, was a mere babe.  So much life here!  And as I go through it, there is so much change.

But I have been wanting to move on.  A decade is a good run.  So for my next trick…

I noticed a long time ago that these blogs really BRAND themselves.  It kind of made me want to gag a little, but I knew that those who wanted to turn a buck here…

like this other Heather who kind of started it all, had to pigeonhole/categorize/sell themselves in order to be more easily understood and desired.

This is all just capitalism.  She is an east coast crazy.  I might be west coast crazy, with more complications, such as, sanity.  Or coping skills.

I may have figured it out though…

I am always talking about


It seems there is a Freudian latent desire to just Get Out undertone in all ten years of my blather toil.

Surprise, surprise for one who majored in teaching overseas and dreamt of being a Peace Corps volunteer since the age of 13.

and so perhaps what I should be is the female Rick Steves (Regina? Rachel?)

Never mind.  Such is born I’ll take you

From Abbey’s, to rare deserted islands, to not so deserted islands, to giants and dwarfs

Seems someone is ready to go.  So let’s.  I’ll take you there.

update:  the placeholder of wants me to pay 6K for the name. JAJAJAJAJA!

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