Half of 2015 in pictures

See this face?  The center of my days, the middle of my schedule, the priority of many of my hours are right here.

may 2015 (14 of 162)

 Today’s activity?

may 2015 (21 of 162)

Tea Party, of course.  Because when 6 asks you to her tea party, naturally, we are “Delighted!”

may 2015 (7 of 162)

Because it is no small thing.

may 2015 (8 of 162)

She even prepared real tea.

may 2015 (13 of 162)

In Russia my host mom Olga said when I told her I was “tea-ed out”, “Tea is not for to drink, tea is for to communicate,”.  So we drank tea, practiced our polite conversation and didn’t rush.

may 2015 (12 of 162)

We hoped no one felt left out, but opposable thumbs are a minor prerequisite to the tea party.  Sorry, Coos.

may 2015 (5 of 162)

In other news, Dad was conned into excited to take part in the father daughter dance this year.  They had fun.

May 2015 (19 of 66)

Last December something happened.  I took a pottery class.  I haven’t been able to stop since I started.  It appears to just be getting more and more serious.

May 2015 (21 of 66)

I set a goal, and have made over 100 pieces in under 6 months.  Not all of them great, mind you, but the idea is to practice.

may 2015 (117 of 162)

I went to a great pottery show which was a little bit of a ceramics bender for me.  I have rediscovered something I have been doing on and off since I was about 15.

may 2015 (152 of 162)

I took a sgraffito class from a talented artist who is also a wonderful teacher and mom.  I hope to be able to create works such as these some day!

may 2015 (66 of 162)

I got my first paying photography job!  My ceramics teacher asked me to use my photo skills to take pictures of his work that was in the ceramics show. He paid me by delivering some mulch, since our truck blew up last fall.

may 2015 (155 of 162)

Perhaps the best part about the ceramics show was going out to Ethiopian food afterward.  I got to see an old friend, Alem, the owner of the Queen and we reminisced on the African youth camp we got a grant for.  It was one of the more exciting and interesting things I have been able to do in my life.

may 2015 (157 of 162)

And naturally, the littles were extremely excited to eat Ethiopian.  I have trained them well.   Hah!

may 2015 (19 of 162)

Cuzco stayed at home, striking snoopy poses and wondering when we were going to realize that he was not in fact a dog, but a people who likes to go do fun things too.

may 2015 (25 of 162)

Feeling a little left behind sometimes.  Actually, she usually hops in the car with us every time we leave.  Because she is a people, right?

may 2015 (39 of 162)

Somewhere in there we celebrated Pi Day.

may 2015 (45 of 162)

Spring came early, and so daisy chains and time outside started early also.

may 2015 (55 of 162)

I started popping seeds early too.  Notice, I gots me a grow light!  Feeling a little bit fancy.

may 2015 (53 of 162)

In there was also Resurrection Day, or Easter.  Friends know this is my most favorite holiday.  It is peaceful, beautiful outside, the kids are dying eggs and hiding eggs and mom gets to eat chocolate all she wants.  Plus, the significance of the day is hopeful.  Can’t see why this isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday.

may 2015 (57 of 162)

We dyed eggs in the russian way with onion peels.  Also in the color tablet way. We are still finding plastic eggs around our yard and may be until next Easter.

may 2015 (60 of 162)

We made some food together, usually pancakes, crepes or cookies.  We are branching out slowly. Maybe next week I will teach them Beef Wellington or something.  Haha.

may 2015 (61 of 162)

We took more cat naps and wrote lots of love notes to each other.  Alll the love notes.

may 2015 (33 of 162)

Sometimes we took pictures of our favorite shoes.  Here S shows her enchantment with her first pair of high heels.

may 2015 (48 of 162)

Dad got a helmet for his birthday and so has discovered the fun of the scooter.  It is really nice to see how happy a short ride makes him.  Next step is the class and endorsement.

May 2015 (26 of 66)

Another major part of life has been the kids separate endeavors.  In the interest of trying many things,  S started ballet after she saw the Nutcracker that is put on by our local dance company.  So, she was in ballet classes from November until May.

May 2015 (25 of 66)

It is not easy sometimes to know whether a kid likes an activity in which they are involved.  Sometimes tired, sometimes lazy, sometimes hungry getting out the door is alternately Wonderful! or awwwww.  But with ballet, just the sheer quantity of classes she took was a new thing.  To say nothing of the amazing performance all the dancers took part in on stage at George Fox University.  I had no idea this was the culminating part of the class.

May 2015 (48 of 66)

The teacher is an amazing dancer, and appreciated the way she did things.  The performance, dress rehearsal, pictures, and all the tutu business ended up being a much bigger deal than I had expected, and it all thrilled little S.

May 2015 (55 of 66)

Getting away for changes in scenery are a high priority.  In front of the lava tubes here in Bend, Oregon.  Grateful to friends who permit us to use their places to stay, we have been very lucky in that way.  Looking forward to much more camping this summer as we venture out to Yellowstone and a bunch of other places on the way.

May 2015 (63 of 66)

Grand adventures, plus little ones.  Like Bagel Faces, which we did today.  Never would have known how much fun making food faces is were I to not have had kiddos.  Grateful for all the ways they have changed my life.

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  1. vgb says:

    Great photos, it all looks like so much fun!

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