Changing directions, getting muddy and redeeming mess

Not so long ago an educational program was started.  The goals were to have conversations about things dear to the heart, to hear other ideas, to meet other people, to read some different books and have some new thoughts.

Unfortunately, the educational program was located a tad far from the home, and so the online option was exercised and many of the hopes and goals remained there in the distance… the conversations stayed in their living rooms or kitchens or bedrooms or cafe’s.  The books were ones already read.  Ones that, for personal reasons, were much too hard to read again.   The assignments felt contrived.

The heart sank a little and considered… now which direction?  More classes?  Homework? Maybe a different class?  Classes were perused, schedules considered, driving time and covering responsibilities.

Then late one night, a desire was recalled and a class was registered and paid.  The next day, hands were muddy and carving shapes.  Creation began.

Things were created.  Sometimes they told the creator what they would be.  Sometimes the creator tried to tell them what to be.  Sometimes they compromised.  Sometimes the creation won, sometimes the creator won.  In the end, creation happened and if there wasn’t beauty, there was at least learning.  If there was beauty, there was joy.  So the outcome of joy and learning happened.

The appetite for it grew.  To create more.  To get muddy for longer.  To create different things, to become better at creating and learning more.  Hoping for more beautiful things, sometimes settling for learning.

Joy happened.  Simple creations happened.  The hours were counted until the creating could begin again.  “Creating begins at 6.  Only 4 more hours till muddy happens again,”

Homework was left behind, put on hold for a bit.  Creation went full throttle, as often as possible.  Like a secret life.  Joy happened.

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  1. Good morning – in the 1970s I took pottery as a credit class at Lane Community College. It was a lifesaver to me – absolutely loved the class and what it brought out in me. Thanks for the essay this morning over coffee! EARLY!

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