This is a repost from about 10 years ago.

Writing 121 was a required course for all undergraduates.  In that class we were assigned to write a paper on Diversity.

I didn’t really know what was meant by “diversity”. For some people it means many races, for some it means just black and white, for some it means lots of different kinds of animals…at Gallaudet University for hearing impaired students it means many different variations in hearing ability. It can mean religious diversity, ethnic or partisan diversity. For some it means men and women and for others it means bisexual, homosexual and trans-sexual.

Biodiversity.  Diversity as opposed to University?  I didn’t want to make a statement or share an “opinion”.  I really disliked the topic, and I wrote an angry paper, as I recall.

So what does it mean if it means something different to many people in different situations?

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