The Every Day…early 2014

Most of life is made up of the Every Day.  The Hours and the Minutes.  The view from your windshield during traffic, the papers on your desk, the phone call that may upset or may be almost totally ignored.  The batter getting mixed for something for a friend, the book read to a child, the time spent petting the dog… you know what things fill your Every Day.  The list of things to do.  The book you have to read for class.  The job that either enthralls or bores to tears or ….

I have been writing more about getting away from the Every Day because of elements that were uncomfortable or unpleasant, and reflecting on the more exotic things I did before, but there is, if I am honest, a good amount of intrigue in the Every Day now too.  It just is… different.

Instead of words though, I am going to use pictures.  Because they speak volumes.

Homeschool Sylvie Feb 2014 (1 of 1)

The bulk of the day is spent learning.  Here Lil S is writing her numbers up to 100.  Learning looks like all sorts of things.  Usually I am not ready with the camera in my hand, but it can look like anything from blowing stuff up to more reading or math practice.  Or setting things on fire using the sun, which we are all looking forward to.

Homeschool April 2014 (4 of 4)

Sometimes learning looks like trying to sell mom’s sort of burnt blueberry muffins on the street corner for a buck.  Because uh, why not?  Would you believe she sold all of them?  I put all the money directly into a bank for camp this summer.

Homeschool April 2014 (3 of 3)Sometimes learning looks like this too.

Easter Eggs 2014 (24 of 31)

Or this.  Bunny is named Percy Fitzhigginbotham, or something like that.

April Homeschool (2 of 3)

There is the ever important art.  It is everywhere.  I cannot contain it.  Like reading, I am also incapable of discouraging it.  Here A is giving me a custom design on my laptop cover.  Font foundry, Brandon would maybe smile.

March 2014 (4 of 58)Sometimes the art is very informative, like this image by youngest to let all know that the dishwasher was no longer functioning.  A close analysis of faces reveals the consternation this caused some.
Snow Day Feb 2014 (4 of 8)Of course in 2014 we had a snow day, and the obligatory snow person.  Named “Goner”.Sabrina Prom Feb 2014 (5 of 6)Some of us went to prom.

Easter Eggs 2014 (12 of 31)

We did some eggs for Easter, the Russian way of course (with onion skins).

Easter Eggs 2014 (7 of 31) And we hunted for Easter eggs.Easter Eggs 2014 (1 of 31)

March 2014 (54 of 58)

Sometimes The Every Day had very special days, like birthdays.  Celebrated in sunny parks with all our friends.

March 2014 (41 of 58)

And pick a nicks.

Beach Jan 2014 (1 of 1)

We went to the beach as often as we could to not forget what it was like to play in the sun.
Bathtime Feb 2014 (4 of 6)

We took baths, whether we believed we needed them or not.

April Beach Trip 2014 (1 of 4)We went to the beach again.

2014-2 (102 of 110)

Some of us did some projects.  This is the mantle that is recycled from my father’s wood counter top.  Soon it will go here…

2014-2 (99 of 110)

And all that brick will get covered with slate, and that sorry old room will slowly start to get better looking.


March 2014 (57 of 58)

Sometimes we made the dog wear a kerchief.

March 2014 (24 of 58)

And sometimes the dog helped us with our school work.

March 2014 (23 of 58)


Sometimes we got stuck in our writing.

March 2014 (13 of 58)

So we would have to go take a break and pick some flowers.  Or weeds.

March 2014 (6 of 58)

Or take a bike ride to a place we hadn’t visited before.

fall 2013-10The little learner is dressed up as a tiger, which makes all learning better.

fall 2013-11

And smoothies made by 5-year olds make The Every Day the kind of day that is okay to be in for awhile.


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  1. Jeff Denton says:

    What a nice post … full of memories! Great photos too. Thanks, buddy!

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