School at home

Looks like this…


Map coloring…



Geography doing… (learning to read the key, major excitement here, but at least I am dressed like a ferocious tiger…)





Measuring to see how many miles..


Our classroom, a.k.a the dining room, where all squash is decorative (have I mentioned my unabashed love for Mustard Seed Farms?)…


trampoline time!


or perhaps smoothie time?



certainly always dress up time


In October this year I went forth, for many small and big reasons on a year of homeschool with my 3rd grader.  My younger still does preschool, but is with us, obviously as we do homeschool.  We are part of an Online Learning school which has provided us a curriculum which is adequate to meet school requirements.  For the past couple months we have all been adjusting to the new way our house runs. And in the mix of all this, I got that camera you heard me talking about earlier, but have barely had time to even give it the slightest go because of this new foray.  Naturally, I had to put some things together, and here they are…

It used to be that you could ask a person about their job to get them talking, lately for me it has been homeschool.  If you want me to struggle to not dominate the conversation, ask me about homeschooling.  It will take me awhile to get my bearings on how excessively I have shared and then I might be embarrassed, because my listeners eyes are rolling back into their head.  Durned social awkwardness.


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