Different people; same person


Fifteen years ago if you had told me, at the age of 28, that I would be, in 15 years, a stay-at-home-mom homeschooling an 8-year old… while entertaining a 5-year old, I would have laughed, thought, “what is that?” and then sussed where I was going to go salsa dancing that night.

But that day has come.

I couldn’t be happier.




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  1. Beth Muthiah says:

    Love you.

  2. Michele K. says:

    You and me both. To all of it. Well except the salsa dancing. Mine would have been going to see a garage band in L.A., coming home with club disease and asking everyone to repeat themselves the whole next day at work. But DITTO to the rest. I don’t think I truly knew what happiness was and what love looked like back then. I am so different and yet the same. Love your blog Heather. I read it all the time.

  3. Lisa Behrens says:

    and if I know you as I did-I think you make time for PE in your teachings and show ’em some good salsa music & moves for good measure!

  4. I am pretty sure my wife could write the very same blog post (with a few changes). Interesting how life changes. She too was more interested in salsa dancing. But when you are ready to go salsa dancing again I am sure she would love to go! (just leave me out of it 🙂 )

  5. rafa sospa says:

    hola Xochitl, Felicidades…. Creo que todo tiempo es para vivir, aquellos años de estudiante y bailarines, ahora enseñemos a los nuestros que tambien deben disfrutar y nosotros gozaremos mirando como son felices.

    Pasa el tiempo y siempre tendras esa sonrisa. Rafa Sospa

  6. chezwhat says:

    Rafa, eres el amigo mas fiel en el mundo. Han pasados cuantos anos desde que bailamos? Que suerte tengo por haber conocido amigos como tu. :o)

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