El Camino

Not much interested in bucket lists.

It is enough to live right among family and friends, it is enough.  I have little girls who fill my days with coils of silly giggles falling around them as they play in myriad imaginative ways when reunited after school.  I have a puppy who needs walks and a husband to share conversations.  A step-daughter who keeps me from getting too comfortable, and a home with a garden, a bike and places to swim, do pottery, float down rivers and drink coffee with friends, community gardens with produce to cook with… waking up every day and caring for the people around me, it is really sufficient, I feel no lack.  Who needs a bucket list?

IMG_2692She smiles, and she is lovely.

I don’t need a bucket list, but I do have plans.

El Camino de Santiago has gotten popular, but I can seem to make myself care.  I still want to do it.  Badly.  Some day.  Because I studied Spanish, and have never been to Spain, and because this sounds amazing. Even if this guy derides it extensively, I can’t seem to find validity in his criticism.  Maybe I just won’t go in the summer.

Where might I start, France?  Pamplona?  North or South?  With whom will I go?  A daughter, and that fuels the flame.  How long will we march?  How will we prepare?  How, how how?  I have noticed when I consider “How?” long enough on my daydreams, they make themselves happen. Starting by socking away a tiny bit of money every month, to just feed it.  Tiny, I mean, not much.  Over the years, it accumulates, I watch it grow and then start to look at life, how will this fit in?

This is why I think people can make the things they want happen, if they really, really want it.  Recently, an acquaintance of mine took his 5 person family to Europe for a month and it was paid for by a grant.  These things are possible.  What fuels me is that most of my travel has been paid for by someone else, and it has changed the way all of life looks.


This trip I will probably pay for myself.  It will last a month.  It will probably cost at least 3500 dollars for 2 people on the cheap.  A drop in the bucket for a life experience that lasts a month.  See, I am already getting ready, with no idea when/if it might happen (but I know it will).

I have other dreams too, far off in the distance, to choose from.  Fulbright teaching fellowship, Ecuador, South America, CycleOregon, tent trailer… and over time I will realize some of them.  I think God might love this, that we take this gift of life and we lean in to make it amazing.

What are your daydreams?  What will you do some day?  Where does your mind go when it imagines an amazing thing that you want to do?  Your stories make the fire of living life abundantly brighter, share.

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