Going back…

I can’t recall how long ago it was, I realized that I really, really really needed to practice being thankful more in order to… I don’t know, fill in the blank, not be angry (long story), be nicer, be more patient, forgive myself, take time to play with the kids… etc.

The usual suspects.

And I have tons. tons to be thankful for.

Beautiful children.  A home.  Shoes that do not hurt.  Children who snuggle together in the AM.  Some hope.  Future goals.  Nice, new pillows, a dinner out from time to time, time alone, the wealth that comes from living in a place like the U.S. (perspective you get only when you leave for awhile), health… and the list goes on.

My garden, some flowers to tend to, good neighbors, enough money almost for once (a steady income), and above most everything, my two girls, who challenge me and bless me and grow me daily.

So, I fight pretty regularly to tame the side of me which feels the sting of (perceived?) injustice and responds lionish, particularly with those abundant things I cannot change or improve.

Here I will also vaunt joy over rage with a few (many) gratitudes.

I am grateful that I have machines that wash my clothes and dishes (really, have you ever hand-washed your own clothes for an extended period of time? )

New floors that are purdy.

a sweet, sweet new little puppy, even though she pees everywhere.

coffeeshops and husbands who make it possible to escape to them at times.

craft and art, for the sheer joy of creation and not perfection.

the ability to afford a new shirt or workout pants, for once.

a really decent bike.

and a really decent camera.

and a car that pumps tunes to rock the elementary set.  usually in a foreign language.

honestly I am really, really grateful not to be destitute broke like I was in college.

a paid off student debt.  thank you dad.

generous neighbors with a beach house.  Does anyone realize how much our surrounds can effect the day to day?  I do…

The ability to go out for a burger at a favorite pub a couple times a year, it’s really, really a stress-reliever.

the ability to buy some shoes for the kids.

listening to the girls practice piano, or read together, or do art together or just do anything together that doesn’t involve bickering.

the YMCA.  how many times they have saved my bacon with a pool and workout equipment.

generosity, when it is received or given, because it changes the day.

the library, my partner in educating my kids.

oh goodness, I could toast these things all night.  I wish I could have a party where we toast all the things we are grateful for and forget the other voice in our head that speaks hardship.  THAT would be a party I would go to.   So hear is the hand –what things are you glad are in your life… share, so the party can go on…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Nauman says:

    Oh yes! I so resonate with this. God has been trying to teach me gratefulness that leads to joy for a year now. I fight way too often. Let’s keep the party going! 🙂

  2. chezwhat says:

    I wonder how many people would come if we proposed a party where we all toasted to the awesome things in our lives we were grateful for? We could sit around the fire and just take turns. Does this sound crazy corny? Or would we all go home and actually have sex with our spouses? ;o)

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