What to do when bummed.

Surely something in this list has to get some traction…?

  • Listen to Billie Holiday
  • Plant a garden, or at least something in a pot.  Water it as if it were your child.
  • Ride your bike, or go buy a bike
  • Go to a puppy farm
  • Avoid overindulging in ___ (insert preferred nutritional self-abuse here, such as corn dogs)
  • Go to a record shop.  Buy a record.  (then laugh at yourself)
  • Travel to a far, far away place.
  • Repeatedly do really nice things for other people for no apparent reason.
  • Go to a book store and look at maps, poetry, fiction, children’s books.  Avoid popular fiction and self help.
  • Go watch people salsa dance or Lindy Hop.
  • Walk like JJ “DIN O MITE!” Walker (whatever, it works, you can’t take anything seriously–this is best for 20 somethings)
  • Build something, paint something, create something.
  • Cook something delicious.
  • Go to a Starbucks and imagine other people’s stories.
  • Snuggle.
  • Go to a poetry slam and make a new friend.
  • Do NOT clean the house, it will get messy again and then you will be bummed again.
  • Buy some bubble gum and blow bubbles while driving.
  • Research a topic that you are interested in.  (anything!  Speakers, a famous artist, a bird, some form of music you like, become an EXPERT in that)
  • Go to Hawaii, no one can be depressed there in all that sun, can they?
  • Go on a breakfast date on the weekend with someone you like.
  • Practice a musical instrument for fun, more points if it is one not well known, like the mouth harp or the mandolin.
  • Be nice to people at work just because.  They carry burdens of which you don’t know.
  • Redecorate something.
  • Fix something.
  • Find a child that wants you to read to him or her and read as many books as they want.
  • Be kind to the people around you, especially when your ticked at them.  This is hard, it will make you feel better to know that you can manage yourself and not let your inner problems manage you.

What do you do?  Please tell!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Nauman says:

    Eat chocolate – of course!
    Love your list! 🙂

  2. chezwhat says:

    Super nice seeing you here most of all Lisa! Thanks for the words :o)

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