Today my oldest went to camp for the first time.  Coming home was hard for her, but after the evening rolled on with the predictability of meal, conversation, bath, pajamas etc.  all resumed the rhythm. But then, right after the bath part and before the doughnut hole for dessert, a big, slobbery, tail-whomping, tongue-hanging-from-side-of-mouth DOG comes bounding across the yard with all his doggy enthusiasm and greets the 2 year old, knocking her over. Her overwhelmedness comes out in sobs of confused excitement and fear. He is a beautiful deep honey, almost red colored adult male lab mix of some sort bounding happily around the children, causing them alternately shrieks of joy and fear.  For them at this halfling stage, he is enormous and his full energy overwhelms them. Predictable evening commences full disruption. Dog is happy he has friends!  Small friends he could probably carry around if he put his mind to it and if his character wasn’t more like Doug the Dog in the movie “Up” (SQUIRREL!). I am secretly excited because I sort of love dogs, but want this one to go back from whence he came, because he is Too Big for us, and his happiness is also Too Big. While I talk to neighbors who know what to do with dogs, (hoping they will have The Answer) Doug runs around our yard, alternately terrifying and sending the girls into fits of giggles, until they are given dessert and subdued with other crafty means and put out of the eyeshot of Happy Doug.  He escapes, trotting out into the middle of the busy street.  We corral him, give him some water and try to figure out what to do.


He has no collar. Meanwhile, Addy is inside drawing this picture. The large person is her, the small people are the neighbors and I trying to keep Doug from hurting us or running away.  The sizing of everything in this picture makes me smile.  The small child underneath A, guess who that is?  Um, yeah, that is her sister Sylvie.  With 5 arm/legs. Hmmm… I get a steady stream of these types of drawings almost daily.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I like the little artistic touches with which she keeps experimenting. Like the half-circles around the eyes of her character … to indicate surprise. You can see the same detail in Charlie Brown comics which is probably where she got the idea. Great post, buddy!

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