Savoring a season

In my early twenties a friend told me about a concept he conceived called the “perfect moment”.

According to him, it was a pinpoint in time when happiness felt pure and complete, in spite of anything else that might be lurking in ones life.

He said if he could take a picture of how the perfect moment felt, it would be beautiful.  He wanted to name the moment, to remember it.  Sort of take a picture of it by just saying “I am having a perfect moment,”.

Don’t so much do this perfect moment thing so much anymore.

But, if I did I would say there were quite a few perfect moments in this summer.  And there were some imperfect moments, but they are good too because they are as they are… just life.

The most perfect moment I have no picture of.

Watching my 2 beautiful, silly daughters, 2 and 5,  rolling down a hill at sunset on a hot August evening.  Giggling, rolling, Sylvie’s guffaws and Addy’s animated hoots and hollers.

Perhaps the best part about this moment was that it was absolutely free, and very close to our home.  In fact, we rode our bikes.

But I did take some pictures this summer.


This summer I discovered the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge and have had so much fun seeing the show there of the sunset, the birds and the respite from strip malls and traffic jams to get to the closest large chain store.


In fact, I liked it so much, I took my Winnie the Pooh, and my guest, Sabrina, who thought it was summer.  But Addy’s mom made her dress for this Oregon June.


Every weekend in June was spent at a new out of town place.  First Jeff drove to Wyoming and back to go get our guest.  That took 3 days.  Then we went to the coast.  This is the anemones hiding at Cape Kiwanda in Lincoln City, where the quantity of anemone-poking by little kids was reaching its annual peak.


Our guest hadn’t before been to a beach, since at least several years, so she spent some time taking in this experience.  Again, Pacific City, where our neighbors allowed us to use their summer home.


Sylvie lost her 2 front teeth this summer.  And she met some barnacles with whom she made friends, because they don’t have teeth at all.


On the left is my oldest investigating “creature rocks” and on the right are 2 other people who sleep in close proximity to me, needing a little attention.


Dad and Sylvie at Pacific City, June 2010


Perhaps one of the nicest evenings was at a lighthouse on the coast on scenic drive we took.


There were birds squawking all over this picture, but cameras need to be improved to provide a more complete experience.  It was lovely though, nevertheless.


A little climbing at the lighthouse, it was nice to see Sabrina break out and have fun.


Dad showing lil Sylvie the sunset.  So quiet, so lovely.


Addy taking in the view.


After a long school year of much busy-ness, it was so nice to hug the daughters and just linger over them in their youth.  In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we went out and bought a glider rocker, finally, just for the requisite snuggling before they got too big.


After the beach, we went to Redding where grandma and grandpa live.  I drink in the Redding heat down to my bones and it makes me appreciate the seasons.


We dropped our guest in Redding for time with grandma and grandpa, and after a week of frolicking in the boat, in the lake, on the river our babes were tuckered.


And we resumed rest for awhile, which included tea parties.


And we had good memories of June, berry picking, water park playing…


Museum visiting…


Family- seeing, here is Matthew playing with Sylvie after not seeing her for a few months.


Our guest can only come seldom, because she lives so far away.  It is nice to see her always.


But summer went on without her, which sometimes means breakfast in underpants.

Okay, I lied, I have only gotten through June here.  I will have to come back for July and August.

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  1. Fatma says:

    The pictures are beautiful!
    I am living one of those moments since last week… it’s funny, under the circumstances (I was sitting for exams) I should have felt different but no…
    Friends, old teachers, long heard of relatives… good luck and supporting messages just kept pouring in and the calls as soon as I was done… I feel blessed…

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