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Lately, maybe because it is spring, I been thinking a bit about my grandma who we buried in the month of May a couple years back.  On one of my last visits to see her, we took a drive and stopped at a nursery there in Eastern Washington on Quartzite mountain, around where she lived most of her days.  I bought this rose.  And then I planted it in the ground when we moved here.  For the first time since I have owned it in about 4 years, it bloomed this year.


I stared for a long time at all the little buds on this not-previously-blooming rose.  And I sprayed away all the aphids with a quickness, to protect it.  And I visited the rose weekly, remembering when I bought it with grandma.  When I purchased it, I bought it for its brownish coral color.  It doesn’t have the same color I bought it for, but I really am just glad it is blooming.


I was glad to see this rose bloom, it was some good memories of my grandma.


And this is just a much more flashy iris that I ran across one morning as the family was out walking around.


And now on to another story.  This end of the school year has been hard.  Just simply so.  But the little ones make things better.  They throng to me and scream “Mommy!!!” when I get home, as if dad had been torturing them.  This particular day, J told me that Addy had worked all morning long on a “gift” for me.  She took me to come see it after patiently waiting for me to eat some lunch, since I was starved.  She had put the gift next to the chair, in a Christmas bag.


And she wrapped the gift carefully in legal paper with LOTS of tape.


And she even decorated the gift with a small flower.


And even the gift itself was hand made.  From kindling.  She had nailed it together herself with a little help from dad this past weekend.



But wait, that’s not all she gave me.


She drew a little picture of our house, a car, a driveway and wrote our names.  With curly cues.  And she raided the party bag to acquire some decorations for cakes and things to hold down helium balloons, just to make it more festive.  Awesome.  I was very impressed with the outpouring of thoughtfulness I received from her that morning.


But then there was also the baby to feed.  I came to her and discovered that she had stacked her carrots neatly, like blocks.  And this also made me so happy, I snapped a pic.


And let’s not forget how fond she is to dress up like a cat burglar, with the appropriate rapster flourishes of plastic rings gleaned from cupcakes worn over her gloves.  In June.  Recognize the hat, Zhenya?


I had to ask her to show off a little more.


Over the long weekend, we went to a nearby park, where we… played some basketball…


And Addy took some pictures.


Some really good pictures!


And some that were particular to the 5 year old point of view.  Notice baby toes.

And at home she kept taking pictures, from her point of view.

We also went downtown, which we hadn’t done in a long time and went to our favorite downtown toy store.




And Addy played and read books.


And this morning, we walked as I am trying to begin this AM habit.  I am not sure though now.  As Sylvie scrabbled to the top of the play structure, she lost her balance.  In this glass are two misplaced front teeth.  It is too fresh to recount, it still hurts me to think of it.  Needless to say, today her smile changed for the next several years.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aj says:

    Beautiful and painful. I adore the picture of the grass and baby toes; and I hurt for the baby teeth. Ah, the war wounds of our little ones growing up.

  2. Eric says:

    I agree with Aj about the picture of grass with toes sneaking up from the bottom edge.

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