I got the job.

Throwing ones hat in the ring for a job can be stressful.  Especially if one really needs the job in order to pay rent.  Which is most of the time.

But sometimes it happens that for whatever reason, there isn’t alot of stress tied to getting a job.  This is a better place to be.  Are you still waiting for me to tell you something you don’t know yet?

I have been employed in one way or another for so many jobs, I can’t even count.  I got my first job when I was 15 at a cookie shop without my parents permission.  Then I informed them that they had to drive me to work.  I laugh so hard I slap my knee when I think of this now.  If my own daughter did this, I think I would just blink at her.

That was my first job, but my last job was a real trick.

I was interviewed by administrators of a school district of a bedroom community of Portland Oregon for a job that required me to speak Spanish.  Most of the interview was in Spanish, which is really only taxing afterward, when I pass out from fear.  They interviewed me at least 3 times, and while all that established that yes, I actually spoke Spanish and yeah, I am an actual teacher, I think that what happened afterward was the thing that got me hired.

In the last interview, there were 2 teachers in the room.  I emailed them and told them how nice it was to interview with them.  One emailed me back and said likewise.

After the interview, while waiting, I guessed that the 2 main interviewers actually had nothing to do with the on the ground position I was applying for, but the teachers did.  I knew it.  When the interviewers asked the teachers, guess what happened?  I was hired.  Because I emailed them back, I had drawn attention to myself, and because I fit the basic qualifications, I got the job. Although after I got it, I wasn’t sure I wanted it.

On the other hand there was the one job at the bank that I didn’t get.  And I would never have gotten no matter what.  Why?  Because the lady fell down 4 or 5 stairs as we walked down to the conference room where the interview was held.  Right. on. her. bum.  babump babump babump.  babump.  I should have just left right there because there was no way she would give me the job after losing face like that in front of me.  I felt bad for her.  And then I felt bad for me.  Because I needed that job.

Edit:  I didn’t just et a job, unless you count the one I got in August that I am still loving immensely.  The above referenced jobs are bygones, I have such stories to tell, but I think I told most of them once already, here.

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  1. Zhenya says:

    Too funny on that last one!

    And Congrats! Tell us more about it!

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