The sound of silence

image077I actually wrote a post, I spent time writing a post.  Just last night.  It went into the abyss.

The beautiful thing about a blog is that it doesn’t register a month (or more) of silence.

My last post was merely a bulleted list of some of the lots of things happening in our lives.

Like getting a new-to-me car.  Now I drive a minivan, so I am bona fide.  Because nothing quite says “I am mom” like a minivan, right?  But it will fit all the people we need to transport, and so….this might be more fun

but it will have to wait.

  • My little miss of 14 months began to walk.  There truly is nothing like watching a baby exploring how their legs work.  It is hard not to smile as she  goes from crawling as fast a ferret with her head down for aerodynamics, to hands out toddling about.  Frequently dropping onto her well-padded bum.   There are just somethings that make a mother’s heart happy.  This would be one of them.  Though it is short-lived, as the peril factor becomes fully realized.  Inevitably she will want to discover the one place you prefer she didn’t go, and then persistently head in that direction.  That part is less fun.  Can you tell I am not telling you the stories I have?
  • I love my job.  I am getting such great feedback from kids and fellow teachers as well as parents, I don’t really feel it is a job, but a place where they let me come do what I know how to do.  And then they pay me, which is makes it all double good.  I would like to mention here that I have escaped the public schools as of this year.  I have found a kinder, more benevolent classroom where I don’t feel like I am churning out students.  I am now in a private school.
  • Yesterday my 4 year old lil A looked a picture of what was ostensibly terrorists in a Time magazine and said “Look, there’s Joseph, and there’s Mary!”  I told her to go show her poppa the pictures of Joseph and Mary so he could get a smile too.
  • That same girl is having a hard time with socks lately, and sneakers.  We negotiate daily the donning of the red Chuck Taylor’s that make me smile so much.  Sigh.
  • This Christmas we are making alot of gifts, but I cannot tell you what they are until we give them.  I fear they will come out looking amateurish, but after seeing the one my husband made, I know that no, they will not be amateurish, they will be amazingly beautiful.  However, they won’t be completed until May.
  • My camera broke at Thanksgiving so I cannot even take a pic at this point.
  • Fall is the best season of the year, and God knows it.



I appreciate how this illustrates not only her loveliness, but her entirely fabulous sense of style.

DSC_0046I am enjoying my new subject.  I love moments like this.  I have to mention here, there is a code to photographing people.  Never keep or publish a picture of someone when they look crummy.  It is  crummy thing to do.  It is much better to keep only the very best ones of the people you love.


Every step is an adventure.

The pumpkin parade.  Even this pic reminds me of the extent to which I need to appreciate these beautiful days.

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