More than meets the eye

There is so very much happening.  None of it in itself that I am the least inclined to write about, so all I can do is blurbify (why yes, I did just make that word up).

I have started a new job.  Nine hours a week.  It is a miracle job, teaching part time Spanish at a small private Christian school a bike ride away from my house.  It is really one of those jobs that is so perfect that it seemed beyond possibility to get, and now I have it.  Hooray!  But because of various reasons I am working my snarkers off in order to really really do well there, because I just want to do my very best.  If only I had a few more hours in the day…  So far all is well on that front.

We just got back from a 3 day beach vacation for which our expectations were extremely low because the forecast was for rain, rain and more rain.  Only in Oregon does one pack for such cold weather (rubber boots and rain shells) to go to the beach.  However the skies opened up only to reveal a whole lot of blue skies with a few little rain splashes.  It was lovely.

We have a new person in our house.  We are moving furniture all over the place and are extremely to have my husbands son with us.  We are happy.  Welcome Matthew!  He is excited about jazz band and we hope now that he has his sax that he will perhaps get involved with the brass group he expressed interest in.  It is fun to listen to him practice on his instruments, it is lovely to have more music in the house.

Sylvie is a human vacuum cleaner.  I cannot keep her in a pack and play all day long, but outside of it she will find anything and everything and shove it directly into her mouth.  Not long ago a friend nonchalantly said “I think she has something in her mouth…. and I think it is alive.”  And well, yes.  It was.  A ladybug.  Num.  She is also talking alot more saying “Hi!” and waving to anyone whenever.  It brings a smile, she is so happy to show her new word.

Next week Addy will start preschool.  She enjoyed playing at the “creature rocks” (her word for tidepools) at Barview Jetty this weekend.  I enjoyed making sandcastles with her.  Why in the world don’t I do that a little more?  Today reading her stories at the library I had to keep from getting ill at the Princess stories that seemed inevitably to include a witch and a handsome prince (to say nothing of the evil stepmother!  hmph!)  When she asked why the Queen was green, I had explain that she had a bad heart and was evil. This naturally precipitated a waterfall of questions about being green, being evil and having a bad heart and why.  I contemplate answering her questions with another question.

“Mom, why is she green?”

“Why are your toes pink?”

“Why does she have that face?”

“What do you want to eat for supper?”

“Mom, why is she mean like that?”

“What color kitty would you like?”

Would that be a cruel thing to do?  I wonder if that would work…

We went to my first ever pro baseball game at Safeco field.  The Yanks played the Mariners.  Twas cool.  Those guys can throw balls really far.  Made me wish there was a dog on the field to go fetch.  I guess I am not much of a sports fan.  But I like dogs.

Well it took me entirely too long, but I finally finished my summer reading which was “Circle of Quiet” by Madeleine L’Engle.  I am on to Peace Like a River by Leif Enger which I am also enjoying wildly.  I am not sure if that is the right adjective to describe how I am enjoying it but (who cares).

And that is basically the past month in a nutshell.  I am going back to teaching Spanish to a few friends and getting started on some piano lessons again.  Tonight went to the first of a monthly writers community meeting which I am happy to be involved in.

For fall I hope to begin baking bread and soups and maybe this year I will have the soup party I have been longing to have…

How was your summer?

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  1. mrs t says:

    Interested in hearing about your Spanish teaching venture- just for friends? Small group or individual? I actually considered helping out a group of home-schoolers do this, but the time factor made me say “NO”- in all caps.
    “Peace Like a River” is such a great book- so well written, to me was reminiscent of “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
    Making some soup this afternoon- just in time for the first official day of autumn.

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