Little Bee


Dear Little Bee

You have had many nicknames, little bird, bumblebee, bug.  You have grown so much.  You know all about entertaining me and your sister and your dad, and you know all about driving us berserk too sometimes.


Teatime.  It can be hard to get you to play solo sometimes, but you are ALWAYS ready for tea.

This week you asked me what kind of a tree I was.  I told you I was a mama tree, you told me you were a chocolate tree.

Today I asked you to pick some blueberries rather than just eating them all.  You said, “Nah, I am just gonna lay here up in the sky and eat a blueberry” while laying on the grassy grass.  I couldn’t be mad at you.


I am not sure how to broach the subject of whether carrying your baby in your backpack is really a good thing or not.  At least you didn’t forget your hotwheels and your flute.  Oh and your binoculars, because you NEVER KNOW!

Tonight while I was at the Y, you took my manicure tools to my monitor.   I am glad I wasn’t there.  Dad said you would have to pay it back out of your piggy bank.  I am still laughing about that.

You have gotten good at cleaning your room, you get dressed quickly without dawdling and you have such a blast with your sister, I love to hear how you make her laugh.  Except when you press on her stomach and have spitting battles.


You and sis at the park.

You show us how you know all “our letters” and can write our names.  You paint the most lovely things while listening to Debussy, and you are starting to show me that you want to learn how to play the piano.

I can’t believe you are such a big girl.  So recently you were our only little pipsqueak.  You are still small, but today I saw at the dentist your big kid teeth encroaching on your baby teeth in their x-rays.



And the ever present dandelions you pick for us.

It won’t be long.  I hope to show you beautiful things in the world.  I hope I can teach you so much.  I hope that you will see how joyful I am, and that you too will be joyful.  I hope you will use that good head of yours to make better choices than manicuring my monitor.

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  1. Zhenya says:

    What a beautiful post. I love the picture with the two of them!

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