Loaves and Fishes: How the masses were fed in 20 minutes

The plan is to make dinner about three times a week, with the other nights being leftovers or scrounge nights.  So typically I make a big amount of whatever I make.  However, the Hawaiian skewers I made last night went fast.

So tonight, I was kinda doing the low key summer lowbrow meal kinda thing, frying up some bacon for BLT’s.  I had bought some of our favorite Kettle chips, a treat for us and there was some my leftover masterful potato salad, soI figured this would all suffice nicely.

I was noticing there was alot of bacon though.  I was wondering how in the world I was going to use up all this bacon.  I really don’t like the stuff much, and my sweet fella, well, he will inhale it if I look the other direction, much to his health.  So all this bacon.

Addy and Sylvie were out playing on a blanket in the yard.  Every now and then I am poking my head out telling Addy “hey, don’t put the blanket over her face, please.”  “Hey take the worms away from the baby before she eats them.”  when a phone call comes.

I think this is one of maybe three calls that can strike fear in my heart in an instant.  A pleasant young lady on the other end of the line says “Hi, we have you down to make a meal for the shelter tonight,”

ZOIKS!!!  I go to my calendar and sure enough it is the fifth Tuesday of the month.  How did I miss it?  I thought my only other meal was in September!  Crikey!

We have a brief discussion, it is 6:25, the meal was due at 6:00.  I tell her I think I can bring sandwiches?  She suggests pizza.  I am doing the mental calculation of a take and bake pizza and the time it would take… She tells me the people at the shelter have a class at 7 p.m.  Can they eat during the class?  No.  They have to talk and write and stuff.  Caramba, work with me!  She seemed a little out of hope when I tell her I also have two little kids I am working with here. Okay I tell her, I am going to see what I can do.

All the bacon goes into my little omelet pan.  Bread, enough for 7 sandwiches.  Thanks be to God I just went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of tomatoes for hot weather sandwiches.  And thanks be to Mustard Seed Farm (and Jeff!) for the boatload of lettuce we currently have.

At 6:40 J walks in the door and helps me wrap up two plates of sandwiches as I assemble the last ones with steamy hot bacon and garden fresh lettuce.  I grab our bag of special occasion chips and head out the door.

Meal delivered by approximately 6:45.  Holy cow.  Bad planning nightmare narrowly averted.  And now there is no question about what to do with all that blasted bacon.  I wonder if Jesus would have fed the masses with bacon?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sally says:

    LOL – good work! I think I actually got all nervous reading this! So what did you end up feeding your family?

  2. Jenn P. says:

    Not if the masses were Jewish. 😉 Good save, though. And it made a really funny story, so it was all worth it, right?

  3. WOW! What a story! And, no Jesus would not have fed the masses with bacon if they’re Jewish. 😀 But I don’t mind bacon if it’s cooked right, I prefer grilling it so it’s not oily or fatty!

  4. Heather says:

    So the comment about bacon was in jest, knowing that Jesus was himself a Jew…but also considering that he came to fulfill the law rather than make it invalid, I mean he was also healing on the sabbath by healing people and all sorts of things that were not within the “law”… so I was just sayin…

    maybe he did feed them bacon?

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