Photo essay: Twin Rocks



This weekend our family went to Twin Rocks to RETREAT!!!!  That is really a good word, it’s like treat and re-treat.

It was a treat.  Sylvie and I just hung around while A and J brushed up on their putting.


Since A was sporting a Mr. T look, I kept trying to get her to say “I PITY THE FOOL!” but she wasn’t really buying it.


I was so pleased to find this little patch of serene beauty.  My shot with a babe on the back didn’t do it justice.


Heading back to camp, this is where we slept.


Sylvie was awake and taking in all the sites.  She also liked the back pack because it gave her unprecedented access to my hair, which she could pull on and taste.


J and A went for a little row in the boat, and while they were out, I saw a beaver swimming along and took a few pics.



This little boat house just made me happy.


And of course we went to the beach.


J thought it would be a very campy camp and while he kept an open mind, I think he was relieved that they hadn’t scheduled us up so much that we couldn’t just spend most of the time doing just as we wanted.


The closest we could get to a family shot.  We need a camera-walla to take pictures of us.


We flew some kites on the beach. The little star was a bust, but the kite I bought went well.


Here with the rocks in the distance.


While J took in the scenery around the foot bridge, A thought it was good fun to run around and make the camera follow her.


I don’t think I have ever owned a camera that could get a shot like this before.


And of course there was time for rest.


A and I went on a nature walk on the wetlands trail.  It was alot of fun with her because she is still fascinated by little bugs and flowers and all the creatures.


And she likes to get down and really check them out, which I love.



We re-named the flora that the previous scientists had misnamed with their latin words.  This we renamed “zazzleberry” because it was so fancy.


And the new scientific name for this one is “delicate fuzzy white bells”.


A grew very tired of me taking pictures and started to yell “C’mon!”


We have been excited to meet quite a few of these little green caterpillar things.  I think they are tent caterpillars.  We chose not to name them beyond “little green caterpillars” because I remember how eerie those tent caterpillars were.


A got to hold some wet gooey things with shells on them when a guy there did a little lesson on the tide pool stuff.


We could only handle the beach for a little time because it was a Cold and Windy Oregon Beach.


The staff did a good job at making the place pretty with these rhododendrons which scheduled their bloom for our visit.

It was a good break.  A much needed one in this past year of fence and wall building, no vacations and alot of work.  Not to mention the new baby and the new job that I started and then left.

Sabrina and Matthew arrive tomorrow and we have fun stuff planned for their time here so our Big Break for the year has begun.  Thanks be to God.

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  1. Sally says:

    Great photos! I too love the one of daughter #1 running… great shot! Save your money to take the expensive photography class with me in the fall… such fun. I have no idea how I’ll pay for it though. 🙂

  2. doggybloggy says:

    I had to come and see who is using my name and it seems like we both started the same year -very interesting – looks like we dont post about the same things so there does not seem to be any conflict

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