Everything is so fascinating…


I have been lucky enough to have some new people come into my life lately.  Even luckier because they are gracious, interesting, intelligent, articulate and have many interests.

(Here I have deleted a long rant about the behavior of my 4 year old in these past weeks)

I feel like I am meeting someone I wish I had met a very, very long time ago.  Someone who if I knew her in high school, would have saved me years of misery.  I could make a list of why I like her, but suffice it to say, she cooks and loves it, she plays music and writes it even and does it masterfully, she has a clay oven that she built in her back yard (!), she is preparing the sail the world with her two young daughters and her husband, she is a lover of words and learning, she writes…and she says things like “Everything is so fascinating!”

And when I think about it, I have that in me too.  I remember on many occasions wondering why people didn’t enjoy life more, explore more, travel more, or do what they enjoy more.  I don’t understand the “this is boring” sentiment.  I love being reminded that everything is so fascinating.   I want to hold on to those words to remind me when I am feeling gray and trod upon by life.

Creation is very good, and the Creator, even better.  Thank you friend for your simple but refreshing words.

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  1. Zhenya says:

    It isn’t wonderful to surround yourself with people like that who bring so much positive energy with them?

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