Why can’t we be friends?


Following up with our new years resolution to make friends in our new community, we invited some people over.

I knew them from some things, our kids were in a class together, they seemed very nice.  We didn’t really know them all that well, though.

So all was going well, kids playing, adults visiting.  But then little guy has to go to the bathroom.  No biggie, mom goes to help the guy out because it will be his first time in a foreign potty.

I am filling coffees, getting food onto the table, dishes, juice, eggs… you get the picture, when A runs in like a 5 alarm fire.

“HE JUST WENT POTTY ON THE FLOOR!”  I can see mom’s face is hoping I will respond nicely.

“Honey, he is our guest, it’s not a big deal.”  Mom relaxes a little.  But A insists.

“BUT MOMMY HE PEED ON THE FLOOR!”  I am, at the point, thinking a little more about not having cold eggs, and if there is a puddle on the floor, its beyond my capacity.  The breakfast train is in motion, not to be stopped.

“A, he is our guest, he can pee wherever he wants, it’s ok,”  At that point mom looks at me like I have a horn growing out of my cheek.

I know that look.  It’s the “Are you insane?” look.  I have seen it before, typically in situations much like these.

And so we keep pressing forward, looking for friends. Considering giving up.

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