Why didn’t I get a “choice”?


Last year, about this time of the year, I was trying to make arrangements for the birth of the daughter.

My first daughter everything was cool, baby was healthy and I was fine, but my doc decided it was all taking a little too long and said we should have a C-section.

When you’re on the table, and your doctor says she recommends C-section after 24 hours, it is hard to know the right course of action.  I was without sleep, anesthetsized and very happy to be having a baby.  C-section wasn’t really an option, until the moment the doctor said she recommended one.

In retrospect, I know now I should have just flatly said “no”.  But with baby number one, I just wanted to do what seemed like the right thing to do in the circumstances.

For Sylvie, I felt locked into having another C-section.  I didn’t want one, but VBAC was suddenly “out” hospitals didn’t like them, nor did doctors, and insurance companies wouldn’t insure them.

I wasn’t real happy about it.  There is a long recovery time, longer with the second that the first.  Plus I had another kid running around.  Plus I just didn’t want to have an “operation” to have a baby.  I didn’t want major abdominal surgery again.

But I had no choice.

A friend just pointed out to me that it seems ironic that women have the choice to kill their unborn babies, but do not have the choice to deliver them as they prefer.

Where is the women’s rights people when you need them?  Where are they when it comes to finding a place to breastfeed?  Where are they when it comes to family leave?  Where are they when it comes to teen pregnancy?

Is the right to abortion the only thing anyone cares about?

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