Some sort of something nasty


I write to say how thoroughly grateful I am that I think our family is done being sick.

The kids didn’t get it as bad as J and I did.

And it actually came in handy that he often denies that he is sick, so that he could take care of the kids while I did what I do when I am sick: hide in bed.  I did that for a day or maybe even 2, it wasn’t working so well, actually.  I thought that’s what you were supposed to do, but I think that being in the bed made my temperature higher than it might have been normally, cause it came right down when I sat about for awhile.

It’s also no fun being sick with kids.  As long as someone is healthy enough to take care of the others, its manageable, but otherwise I can see it just being an awful mess.

Reason #3980 that I will tell my kids that they should stay close to home when they have kids.

Edit:  I am going to the doctor tomorrow because it has come back.  We can’t both be sick with 2 kids!

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