My new place.


I half wrote a post about the demon that has taken over my now 4 year old… and try to make light and humor out of what amounts to a fight for my ongoing sanity, but it’s on the back burner.  Maybe some lucky day you will get to read about our trials.  Wahoo! What fun!

But for now I am going to wax eloquent about how much I love my new home.

Not the house, that is, though the house is fine.  My new community.

I love the huge number of stay at home moms.

I love that we are all broke together.

I love that everyone tries to save money.

I love the co-ops of every sort.

I love that people buy parts of cows together, drink raw milk, shop farmers markets and talk about reuseable diapers and how to make laundry detergent.

I love how people get excited about menu planning. Or maybe not excited, but that it’s an interesting fun thing to do.

I love that the moms here help each other.  They talk to you at the park and think little of it.

I love that it doesn’t feel cliquey to me, that people will accept you even if you are “outside their group”, at least most people do.

I love how into adoption people are.

I love that there are moms who admit to being library nerds.

I love how it seems like everyone is involved in some service, no matter how small…service is valued, people live beyond themselves.

I love the vineyards and the orchards and the valley and the mountains nearby.

I love the little downtown, even if there is a highway running through it.

I love the two big trees in our front yard.

I love that there are groups that you can get to meet people in.  And they don’t make you feel guilty if you miss.

I love many, many things about this place.  Ask me again sometime why I love it here, I will probably have more answers for you.


This is a resort that is being built near our home.  I only post this pic to give an idea of the scenery where we are nestled.  It is called the Allison, come stay there and you can practically walk to our house.  If you come over, I will make you some yummy chicken bento with peanut and spicy sauce and rice and edamame.  Can you tell that I am thinking we will be eating that soon?

On another note, I tried to get our free piano moved home today, I didn’t love that.

I called to Penske Monday, they didn’t call back.

I called again Wednesday, again I left a message, this time with a real person and they didn’t call back.

Because I needed a lift gate truck and they are the only ones with them, I called again Friday and this time after I told them I had called twice, they did call me back… to tell me they didn’t have one.

This was Friday afternoon, and the move was scheduled for Sat AM.  Great.  So I called another Penske place, and she perkily told me that she had one and I could come pick it up Sat AM no problem.

So I go.  Sat AM, it took two phone calls and an hour for her to fill out my contract.  Okay maybe only 45 minutes.  But then she took me back to what was just a plain old moving truck. No lift gate.  She tried to pull out the ramp, showing me what she thought was what I wanted.  Um, no, that’s not a lift gate.  I could forgive her easily enough for not knowing how to fill out the paperwork, but I had to bite my lip when I saw she didn’t even know what I was looking for.

People were due to arrive to help in less than a half an hour.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I had to call the whole thing off (suppressing urge to sing that song here).  This was the second time we had to call the move of the piano off.

On the bright side when I called them to tell Penske of the debacle that was my rental, they offered to rent to me at a much lower rate and apologized.  We hopefully will try again next weekend.

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