I pulled her aside as she with her new bicycle with training wheels headed on the sidewalk toward a busy street.  She resisted, fussing.  When I asked her what was up she blurted out that I would make her get off and that I wouldn’t let her enjoy her new bike.

I wasn’t.  I just wanted to get her helmet on and point her away from the busy street.

I explained that to her, but no matter how many snuggles, back rubs, butterfly kisses or secrets we share about her birthday (yes she is still talking about it), it’s no fun looking to her like one big killjoy.

I take her all week long to do fun stuff like swimming and parks.

Bum rap.

Edit:  All this to say that I see my girl is growing up.  She recognizes not only my loving glance but understands when she gets the grouch too.  She is taking in so much.  She is a sponge of language and behavior.  I am being diligent, I want her to sense how beloved she is, even if she doesn’t run the show.  No one is perfect though.  My silence still confuses her when I can’t find one good thing to say.  My firm tone still inspires some concern in her.  I am grateful, I guess.  But she is growing up so fast…

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