What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t use it to show off your kids.  I mean they are my babies. 


A couple weekends ago we went downtown Portland.  Addy thought this street musician was cool.  She gets super excited about THE CITY.


Naturally, when you are with a 3 year old, the toy store is the place to be.  She could spend hours here.


And who doesn’t love a toothless grin every now and then?  Her smiles are so hilarious and so genuine, they make me smile without even thinking about it.



She has discovered her hands I think so now they (her hands) fight with each other all sticky and drooly while she stares at them in front of her face, cross-eyed of course.  How is that not lovable?


J and the babe.  She is now 4 months, I can’t believe it.

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  1. Zhenya says:

    What cuties! Wow, time does fly. I see she is keeping her chubby complexion, though! Way to go, babe!

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