Portland is quite a town.  I love the town, have written how much I love the town, but when it comes to politics and liberal v. conservative stuff, the place is caustic.  Maybe it is everywhere but if you go by bumperstickers, this place does not like republicans nor religion, particularly christian.

So what happens in other places when a person runs for an elected office, makes a poor moral decision and then lies about in so as to not jeopardize their chances for public office?  Well, in Portland if the person were liberal, and perhaps the tryst was homosexual in nature?  Oh, well then , sheesh, give the guy a break already!

I am ashamed not about the indiscretion or moral choice Sam Adams made, but I am grieved by his covering up with lies.  If it was a good choice, why would he lie about it?  He lied so he could be elected.  I don’t care what party a person is from, it’s not okay to set that example as a leader.

I am confounded by the defense people stake for him.  “If that’s the worst he’s done…?”  Lying?  So that is okay now.  Okay, hm, note to self.  Lying to get elected is now okay.  Who’d a thunk.

Didn’t Nixon get impeached for this?

(For those outside of Portland, Sam Adams had an affair with a guy named Beau Breedlove who I guess might have not quite been 18 at the time, though he is 18 now.  Adams denied it during the campaign, but now that he is mayor he is fessing up, but not stepping down.)  It’s like Clinton all over again, he got in trouble not for what he did, but for lying to cover it up…

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  1. Zhenya says:

    No kidding. So very sleazy.

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