How I am learning to not be a DorkSquad

You might think this nice little name refers to a group of idiots, but it is particular to only one person who packs the punch of a group of losers.  It is the putdown of choice in our house, because it is both silly and funny.

I have grown up to be rather socially inept.  I came by this naturally, it never occurred to me that I had to think about other people most of the time, after all, “I am the one who counts, right?”

And while I still do have my moments of severe nearsightedness as to include only myself in my goals, desires and plans, I am slowly learning to get out of this habit.  Some might call it growing up.  I typically call it “pulling ones head out of ones arse”.

Tonight my husband, who I have recently accused of crotchetyness (to my regret), drove for 45 minutes and and paid more than the cost of having it done for us in order to give someone he loves something they wanted.  By this act, I am inspired to write about those people who have shown me how to put others desires before my own.

My first rather inadvertant tutelage in thoughtfulness came from my sister-in-law.  She had such advanced ideas about blessing people compared to my own, and something about her demeanor lends her to being a naturally gifted teacher.  I absorbed her good etiquette for years.  Sometimes unsuccessfully.  But she indirectly showed me how and why to show people they are valued and important.  She still does, I go back to her whenever I need to know what to do.

Next person I was given to help me to learn how to get along was my stepmom.  My stepmom has a character that is very giving in every sense.  She is also very laid back in her character.  At times when I was tempted to make a big deal out of a stupid thing in order to get my way, she counseled otherwise.  Her counsel helped me to learn things about showing people that I love them, more than just telling them and then demanding my way.

Now I cannot mention my stepmom without mentioning my mom who has put up with me all my life.  I never even realized she was putting up with me because no doubt I just assumed I was a close approximation to perfect.  But she was.  And she still puts up with me from time to time.

My most recent person to show me how to not be a DorkSquad is J, my husband.  At times he is capable of showing such love to his mom, I am just downright touched.  And he does it because she loves him.  But outside of the nice things he does, I am always glad to see how he is gracious with people, and he has an innate ability to not let little things bother him (unless you call him crotchety :o) He, like my stepmom is laid back and doesn’t let little things bother him.

Ironically, I always think that I am done being a dorksquad.

“Oh, that was back in 1998, when I was confused.”

But about that time I do another thing like stick my foot in my mouth or otherwise miss an opportunity to help someone out.  So apparently this grasshopper still has a ways to go.

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  1. Jen says:

    I can so TOTALLY relate to this. I guess that makes me a dorksquad, too. 😀

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