Happy new Year y’all


Well bringing in the New Year with kids is definitely different than when we were *young*.  I recall the parties of years past, and well, I don’t miss them.  This year I knew who was going to be my New Years kisses, and I would kiss at least 3 different people.   A good number for any time of life.

 Typically I don’t have resolutions because they are always such a drag.  Things like “Diet” or “Exercise”.  Snort.  I have resolutions this year because they are things that I am excited about.

 Resolution #1  Have more parties.

We moved to this town and it has been a busy year.  Now that things might be settling down, I am going to start having more parties.

Resolution #2  Ride my bike more.

Resolution #3  Go to the Y at every opportunity.

Resolution #4  Get into service.

Resolution #5 Pretty up the inside of the house.

Thats more than enough.  I like these resolutions because they are things that I think I would naturally do anyway.

I leave you with new years baby sounds a la baby Sylvie.  Now one hardly has to coax her as much as J is here, and this was only 2 weeks ago.  This is for the grandparents.  (you might have to turn it up a bit to hear her…)


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