Love in the time of colic.


The internets define colic as a baby who cries for more than 3 hours at a time for more than 3 days of the week.

I have them beat.

Sylvie has been crying 2 to 4 hours a night 6 out of 7 days a week and has been doing so for at least 3 weeks. As I type she is laying across my lap, not crying with near the fervor of the past several weeks because the colic pills seem to help a little.


Well I had to stop there last night because she began to fuss again, but last night I got off quite lucky because she didn’t full on scream most of the time, she just sat there and grunted in a miserable way until 4 am. However, if I didn’t attend to her, the crying started.

Mothers out there might be thinking “Have you tried…” and while I cannot say that I have tried everything, for example, I haven’t given her brandy in her bottle, I have tried many, many things.


Colic pills

Mylicon (which only completely halted all bowel activity)

tapping her back this way and that way and this way and that way, carrying her this way or that…

And I know the source of her misery. She has gotten very relaxed about her feeding, sucking in huge amounts of air, and getting annoyed at my as I try to reposition her to stem the flow of air into her stomach.


I can only write this in installments, my duties call often. I am trying to keep the babe awake so she can maybe sleep tonight.

During all this awake time I have passed by Facebook more than once, and not long ago a friend asked “So what are your big plans for the weekend?”

I scoffed at my monitor.

I mulled witty retorts.  I fantasized of my ideal answer.  Taking the bikes to a poetry slam, going hiking, having a hurkin huge party catered by my favorite ethiopian restaurant… none of these plans were truthful though.  And the truth often is so dull, isn’t it?

But to some it is newsworthy

“Most of my day I will entertain a preschooler and then at night I will comfort a screaming child and then for kicks I will crank up my mp3’s and cook some grub,”

She with grown children would at best offer her pity, that I didn’t want anyway.

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  1. Mrs T says:

    Intellectually, I’m sure you are aware that she won’t always be like this.
    Sending you strength vibes, my friend.
    Enjoy your little girls. I’m sure you also know that their time while this little is infinitely small.

  2. admin says:

    yeah I know. I say “it’s temporary” but when you get to that desperate point at 5 or 6 am…then there are the things you told people you would do at 9 am, but come time to get ready, I only just got to sleep.

    last night we were up till 7:30 am and I did miss a thing i volunteered to do this am. so I am feeling tired, guilty and all that good stuff. i know it won’t go on forever.

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