My new job. Mrs. CreativeProOffice.

Being at home is quite the luxury for some of us. I am enjoying it more than I anticipated. I enjoy the daily minutia of being home because it’s a novelty for me. I can’t remember not having a job since I was 15, over 20 years ago.

However, for the rich among you readers, go away, but for the rest of us, there is a price for being a single income household. Like driving an older car. Careful budgeting. We don’t get to shop at Whole Paycheck, er I mean Whole Foods much. I can’t drop 200 on a new Coach wallet anymore… haha! Who’m I kidding? I never could.

But the benefits, oh the benefits. A put a “bandy on my booboo” when I got a little cut today, I get to watch my newbie grow fat and learn little things like holding her head up, I get to take A to swim lessons, watch her learn to write her letters, snuggle her when she needs it and raise her up and learn patience. I’ll never get these chances again. It’s mindless work, and I feel all my foreign language abilities evaporating, but I’ll get ’em back.

But a little extra Ben Franklin would be nice, because, well, our car is old and now too small. So I started lookin for something to sustain us. I found something for now.

But now people are practically knocking the door down to want to buy this application that J built. And now, it is I that gets to do the non-technical things, so’s to put a Benjamin or two in the pocket, with any luck.

J, when we were first married, we got him a laptop. Six years later and many conversations about when he was going to get off the computer later, he has this great little online tool called Creative Pro Office. It does all the project management stuff for people who are entrepreneurs in creative industries.  J recently released the source code for people to purchase.  People are buying!

People keep sending him scads of messages, blog comments, stuff in the forum just going on about how much they love the app. They practically want to lick his face in appreciation, the users love it so much. So we are gonna step out on a limb to see if this little baby will turn a buck.

Wish us luck (I’m a poet!)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeff says:

    You’ll get your foreign language skills back in spades doing customer support for CPO. Heck only 47% of our users are in the U.S. Well at any rate, I’ve got the cutest darn customer support staff in the industry – no doubt about that 😉

  2. Grandma Pumpkin says:

    Hey, that’s great news. Keep us posted.

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