Why not.


Like many bloggers I do a John Dorian (from Scrubs, JD often looks up and has a little voice over thought cloud of some really ridiculous thing he is thinking, usually betraying him to reveal him as utterly immature and random in a hilarious way) randomly throughout the week and wonder if my thoughts and life happenings would merit a blog post. Often time I think they would, unawares I am of the tedium that I would be inflicting on my reader (notice the singular use of the word).

But Mrs. T, a fellow Spanish teacher that everyone should go visit thar on Chucheria, she writes about good stuff, I wish I could channel her into my John Dorian moments to tell me when my *good* ideas are whack.

She recently posted about cult classic movies in her house. We have some too. Last night we watched Mystery Science Theater 3000, jury is still out, it was ok, J loved it (brought out his inner 12 year old).

best of the best movies of all time…


1. Raising Arizona. I have quotes from this movie that float through my head frequently enough. I love the characters, the dialogue. An original comedy, one of the Cohen brothers finest absolutely.


2. Princess Bride. Predictably enough, but the humor is truly timeless and easy to appreciate no matter what.


3. It’s a Wonderful Life. Christmas isn’t complete without it. I could watch it a million times and declare it wonderful each time.


4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I think any teacher has to love this one.

5. Cyrano de Bergerac. There is something about this movie that is as timeless and as important as Romeo and Juliet. I guess it has that West Side Story quality to it, but the theme of one suitor who is far superior but with one physical “idiosyncrasy” and another who is far less…not sure, but it resonates with me.

6. Gandhi. When I was in middle school and I saw this movie, suddenly Mohandas K. Gandhi was my new favorite person. And well, 30 years later, I still think he is one of the most important people who ever lived. It’s not funny, but it is “important”.


7. The Graduate. I saw this in high school and even though it was *old* I was glad to see that the tension between generations was something *old* too. I think I would like it less now, but last time I saw it I felt like the camera work and soundtrack were ahead of its time.


8. O Brother Where Art Thou. For many reasons, this is one of the best films I have seen. I still sing songs from the soundtrack to A, and its just a very solid, packed story.  Theguitar player who sold his soul for his abilities, the wife who gets another husband who is “bona fide”, the odyssey, the crooked politicians.


9. Office Space. These films aren’t necessarily in order, this one is a classic.  The mindless retail job, the soul-numbing office job with TPR reports, anyone who says “If you could do that, that’d be great,” the red swingline stapler and collating, the wierd guy who lives next door …this one has its finger on the pulse of life with a McJob.


10. Spirited Away. I can’t say how many times I have seen this, this goes in the category of best films to show in the classroom.  It will guaranteed suck you in.


11. Wizard of Oz. I didn’t think it was that great when I was a kid but as I have grown up I have seen how many layers this film has. I mean, the wizard? the witch? Glinda the good witch? the shoes (there’s no place like home)? people on a journey searching for something that no one can give them?… and poppies?  It’s not one that I love watching, but I think it goes in as a “cultural literacy” type of film that is important for ESL students.

ok reader(s), you? what are they? give em up for the greater good :o)

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  1. Mrs T says:

    Oh, you flatter me, you do. I’d love to do a mutual JD~ although I’m not much for telling others their ideas are whack. I’m more of a “go for it” kinda girl.
    Great choices , all! Have not ever seen “Spirited Away”- only a few moments of it when Claire was quite small- it was too much for her when she was a wee one. Love “Office Space”- (I was told there’d be cake…)

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