Halloween 08. All family style.


I saved the carving till Halloween. A is only 3 and so I knew I would be on my own. First I had to kill the punkin.


This is nice happy punkin. I am aware that it will win no awards for creativity.


This is monster punkin. I guess it was a sort of comedy/tragedy theme in our punkins.


Because of the adjustment of a new child in the home, A has gone to like 55 punkin patches this year (I jest, we only hit 2, but one we went to 2 times on accounta it was free). So many I guess that when I said we could go to the Punkin Patch today she said “Again?!!”.


Newbie at a month old on Halloween. She actually has wakeful times now. I think she slept alot before on accounta the pain pills I had to take post surgery. She is getting FAT! Love it.


She who used to avoid the camera is now very much wanting to be the subject of photographs. Happy to oblige.


A ran out of attention span shortly before the first punkin was done, so I abandoned ship too.  Asked dad to finish up monster punkin. So he carved that one.


Is it not the bastion of suburbanity to have a holiday decoration by one’s door? But I never got to do one before so it was a novelty to me. Kinda like “Look Ma! I am a stay at home mom and I decorate our house for the holidays! Woohoo!” Like anything, the new things are always fun. Here is our Cat in the Hat girl checking out the jack-o-lanterns that she was alot less than interested in earlier. In fact, she recoiled in horror when I showed her the punkin innards.


Okay dad, let’s git ‘r done.

And after all the trick or treatin’ was over we let poor A have one candy (she has been complaining of a stomachache since way before candy time), brush teeth then off her to bed. Still there was one awake. Her favorite way to be at nighttime.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mrs T says:

    Aw, such a happy family! funny about the pumpkin patch overkill with A- tee hee.
    Sylvie is soo cute in her punkin outfit!

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