Some good reading

Thank God someone finally wrote this article about “Joe Six Pack”.  The article makes light and looks at how wrong it is to clump voters into these overly simplified groups.  I knew there was something wrong and a little unnerving about the idea of “soccer moms”, it turned them all into these monochromatic, minivan driving, snack providing stepford automatons just by nomenclature.

Maybe its because I am a linguistics nerd that I get irked by these things.  I also recall when they called the “average voter” the “sam’s club voter” (as opposed to the country club voter).  Maybe I am a snob, but I feel like politicians are condescending and disrespectful when they do this “let’s clump everyone into a demographic” thing.  Surely they all look like smooth talking slippery untrustworthy talking heads, but in the name of playing fair, I have to differentiate.  And so should they, or at least try a little.

The next good article is this one.  Ten people from your past who will haunt you on facebook.

As near as I can tell, I have met already most of these folks from my past…

  • The boyfriend I broke up with who is now a gazillionaire, happily married with a cool business.
  • The strange friend who got only more strange and struggles with dark personal issues they want to share with you.
  • The traveler, who at one point could have been me, but not on purpose.
  • The mom.  Since I didn’t start procreating till I was 35, there were plenty who started before me and I fielded some of those obnoxious comments “Wow!  You’re, like, the only one I know who isn’t married yet and having kids!  What are you doing?”  (not kidding, someone actually said this).  And being a mom is a specific place in ones life, and not having had kids, I understood that they were on another planet from me.
  • The glory years people.  The people whose best years were in high school.  They were much nicer after high school because you were there during the only part of their lives so far that was really good.  I felt bad for these folk back in my 20s.
  • Condescending dork squad…How can one not run into these people?  They are everywhere.  The ones who look at you to see how they can make personal gain from you.  One of these said to me “Oh a teacher!  I never imagined you in a position of authority…”   These are times that test one’s virtue.  I never know whether I should deliver a witty riposte back, or smile and let them be them.

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