Someone new.

There are lots of good points to having a child, although while pregnant they might not be immediately apparent.

When you bring a new child home, everything slows down.  Nothing is so important that it can’t be done later to give time to welcome this new person in the family.  The family plan changes from:

  • go to work
  • pay bills
  • chores


  • hold baby
  • take a nap and
  • “Some cupcakes would taste good, wouldn’t they?”


It is easy to forget how good it feels to have a new, warm child sleeping on your chest.

Staring takes on new importance.

Everyone is happy for you.

As much as it is hard to imagine loving another child as much as your current child, it is at once, not only possible, but impossible to not happen.


On the other side, I might mention offhand, if it is possible to avoid having a c-section, do avoid it.  Surgery will always be surgery, and it is not “no biggie”.  Recovery time will take much longer.  Going into an operating room to have a baby to me anyway, seemed really unnatural.

That said, how can the result not make the process pale in importance?


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  1. Greg says:

    A big, big congratulations to you and your family. She is beautiful! Hope that the family cocoon treats you well.

    – Greg

    BTW – Some cupcakes would taste good. 😉

  2. Zhenya says:

    Heather, she is soooooo gorgeous and much sweeter than a cupcake! Congratulations!!! She looks so healthy and big, how much did she weigh???

  3. admin says:

    Hi Zhenya

    thankyou for the kind words. Sylvie is bigger than her sister, weighing in at 7 lbs and 12 ounces. That and she was born 2 weeks before her sister. That would explain why it seemed like I felt bigger this pregnancy though I didn’t gain any more weight, in fact I gained less.

  4. mrs t says:

    She is gorgeous!!!
    I hope you are on the mend- don’t be afraid to take some meds, a C-section isn’t “no biggie”, you are right about that.
    Big sister looks proud, too.

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