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  1. mrs t says:

    Oh, you’re ready! So exciting, a new, wee lass to welcome into the world. I love the name Sylvie, too.

  2. Grandma Pumpkin says:

    Cool! that’s sooner than I thought. Seems like I heard she was to be born in Oct., but, hey, the sooner the better! Looking forward to a good night’s sleep, I’ll bet….well, until feeding time, that is.

  3. Heidi Boos says:

    Heather, I wish you the best on this special day of welcoming the newest member to your family. Keep us updated as we (MOPS) would love to announce your new arrival on the MOPS blog for all the mommies to see! Best of luck to you and we hope to meet your newest little one soon.

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