silly want

We are penny pinchers.  Maybe not to an extreme, but honestly, we are conscious of cost, need, perceived need, saving to buy instead of credit…  we are just not credit card people, we aren’t big material wealth people.  You will never hear us talking about our ATV’s, our mini-ranch, our pool or other recreational items–we are pretty happy just to have a solid house and a vehicle that basically carries us.

That said, every now and then there is a whimsical aberration… (imagine sounds of angels)


It was the strangest thing.  Here I was, going down the road to some ultra glamorous place like Target, driving my sensible wagon with my child and my pregnant belly, and it hit my like a big coconut full of folly.  A scooter.  A scooter.  Yes.  I can.

I have wanted one for a long time, and I used to have one of these (shhh, don’t tell! I did when I was in college…it was so fun, but it gave me the fever):


This is a Honda v45 Magna.  It is a 750cc bike.  It was too big for me, but it was fun.  I don’t want another one, I just want the scooter.  I could go get my stuff on it, and it would be fun and save gas.  Though I do wonder if it would feel like I was taking my life into my hands every time I rode it.

And then there was another want.


Much more practical, no?  Our old vac in our old house only had to really deal with hardwoods.  Now we have carpet.  The old vac is nearly impossible to push and picks up maybe 40 percent of the garbage.  Alot of work, not much sense of gratification.  Can you believe husband actually agreed to this one?

Not surprisingly, the scooter will have to wait, I knew that all along.  But the idea of buying something just because it was fun, useful yes, but mainly FUN, well that made me feel about 10 years younger.  And isn’t that worth something?

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  1. mrs t says:

    Oh, I’ve been jonesing for a Vespa for months now!
    The Dyson? Totally worth it. I love it. I just wish I could ride it to school!

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