State Fair


I wanted  to get more pictures of the animals than I was able to, but guess these pig pics will have to do.  Every since a friend of mine took some pictures at a pig farm, I have always thought that pigs were an inherently sort of interesting subject for a picture.  They represent something, sort of.  Charlotte, Babe, bacon, consumption…


Baby pig pile.  Beautiful.



The sheep were hard to well, the shots mostly turned out baaaaaaad.



The state fair was fun, even though it rained and J was trying his hardest not to be grouchy.  A had a blast.  And perhaps because my expectations were so low, I mean they really were quite low…I enjoyed it.

This nice last weekend of summer is probably my favorite holiday weekend of the year.  And particularly so this year because I don’t have to teach so I am not frantic about the impending school year.  Have never understood why they plan so many flippin’ meetings on those first days.  Like we won’t have anything else to do.

Tonight something patently weird happened.   We went out to snap some pics in Portland and ended up with a coffee.  While I was sitting there, the old boyfriend from college rode his bike past and came in and said hello.  I hadn’t talked to him in over 10 years.  I has glad to hear he is well, but it is strange because life has changed so much since the days when he was around.  I don’t think about it much, but I guess it is safe to say we both made a large impression on each other.  I introduced him to J and my daughter… from the days when we were in our 20s now, we are around the much higher numbers.  The past.  I think at some point in my life I thought the past always stayed in the past.  I have learned otherwise, but I still wish it stayed where it belongs :o)

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