We had a garage sale this weekend, which was yet another reminder that I was pregnant, as I got way too tired way too fast and if I jaunted around too much my belly would get tight like a rock.

With the proceeds of the sale I went to buy some gifts for friends, and at the “mall”, I was shaking the earth with each footstep (or so it felt like it) as I walked directly behind a slender young Russian woman who was wearing a shirt that ended at about her rib cage.  It nicely accentuated all of her perfect curves in all the right places and her 2 little dimples at her lower back.  I know, I know.

Meanwhile as I walked behind her, I hoped secretly that the sidewalk wasn’t buckling behind me in the places I had stepped.  This is about how large I feel at times.

At other moments I wonder about this olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, who at 41 has an 18 month old child and a body like a 14 year old boy.  Don’t believe me?  Here:



Honestlyt I don’t spend much time worrying about these things, I am content to find a clean shirt that covers my tummy.  But I do worry about this woman a little, and even stranger is that Maxim covered her (actually uncovered her) and I am wondering: Are there alot of men out there that not only look like females who look like 14 year old boys AND are probably capable of beating them up (look at her upperbody muscles!  sheesh!)?



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  1. mrs t says:

    This is Dara Torres’ JOB. She does this on a full time basis. If this were your job, you’d look like her, too, or maybe even better.
    I ask you this: can Dara Torres speak Spanish? (ok, given her last name, maybe she can. How about Russian?)
    Damn, she’s got some arms. And legs. And abs.

  2. admin says:

    oh dear i don’t want to look like her, the main reason i worry about her is because her whole world must be very focused on herself, her training, her workouts, her coaching, her goals… that and her appearance, while it is astonishing, it is so in a somewhat unnatural way.

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