Another thing to love about the PacNW:


No one does anything in the summer here.  Okay, they vacation.  But I have to admit, I love it.  I was just surfing and some well-known alphamom blogger here in PDX (Cafe Mom) is on break.  Then I skate over to ORBlogs, and they have my old address, so I go to update it and I get a note saying they are not doing anything until the rain comes back.

Pardon the prickly description of CafeMom, we have many interests in common, but she puts alot of press about her “green choices”, worrying the world is going to end if she doesn’t ride the bus.  I live in a farming area and I am pregnant.  I can’t ride my bike everywhere, sorry.  Yes I do drive less.  No there is no bus.  I am more about what I can do for the long term than waking up one day deciding to change the world.  I can’t spend oodles of time worrying about the fact that my 3 year old doesn’t understand that TP is not to be wasted, nor water for washing hands.  She does think it is all a game and fun time.  I am happy if she just makes it to the right spot do her business

Church goes on break in the summer too.  No one does anything… It is lovely.

This year with me quite pregnant vacations will be slim, but I am so pleased to be at home with my girl I could care less.  I decided I would be Samurai hausfrau, with eagle like intensity honing my craft to perfection.  Why yes, that ketchup is homemade.

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