Child rearing


A was out on the patio waiting for supper, and I heard her talking to no one in particular.

“Stupid! Poopy! blah blah blah you wish!”

She is 3. She is fetishizing on words that she shouldn’t be. Perhaps I am too strict, but my intention is to at least steer her from language that is just not savory coming out of the mouth of a babe.

Later, after supper, I asked her to do some small thing, like get down from her chair. “You wish!” she retorts. At this point, I decide it’s time to have a talk about these words, so we have a short but firm talk about words I don’t want to hear from her, knowing this is a somewhat flaccid way of addressing the problem, but at least marking a negative response to this language and buying me some time to decide how I will respond the next time I hear these words.

After a brief talk, I ask “Do you understand?”

She responds, “Bite me,”

I am looking at her, thinking does she know what she is saying??? I trundle her off to her room for 3 minutes for her language.

Words that J and I use, and that she hears from her sister and brother are innocuous enough coming from older folks, but just sound all wrong coming from a little one. J told me about the time he called his dad and Old Fart when he was under 10. I recall the time I used a much stronger word at the age of 2 when my fisher-price boat fell on my foot as I was carrying it to my bath. I was only saying a word I had absorbed from parents, but somehow once it came out, I knew it was wrong.

Edit:  I reread this post and it sounds like A is an unfathomable brat.  Naturally I have to insist that this was totally out of character.  She is a lover child who has empathy overload and is a joy constantly.

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