Weight Loss Clinic–let’s talk about food


I haven’t written not because I was “so busy” being pregnant and enjoying the summer, but because I decided that it was time to put something light up here.  And my sense of humor is dry enough as it is, I am usually laughing at things that no one else sees humor in…

So a long time ago, someone near to me went on a diet.  Now, this was before diets were as crazy and ubiquitous as they are now, in fact aside from Weight Watchers, it seems to me that diets were sort of not done as much.  This person, went to a place in a strip mall near a hospital called Weight Loss Clinic.  At the time, the person was recently divorced and likely not feeling too excellent about much of anything in their lives, so losing weight was a way to perhaps make things better.

The Weight Loss Clinic put her on a program where she was allowed to eat 500 calories a day.  The normal person eats about 2000.  At the time, I am sure they didn’t really think of 500 calories as a starvation diet…

I remember what she was allowed to eat pretty clearly.  Cauliflower, celery, and all manner of vegetable, some more than others.  Once a month she was allowed to eat a low percent of fat ground beef patty.  No cheese, no ketchup, no bun, mayo or anything else, just a patty.  About once a week she was allowed to eat a boneless skinless chicken breast.  She made this breast last a couple days, and she was allowed to put salt on it.  There were some foods she was allowed to eat as much as she wanted, like cauliflower and popcorn.  So perhaps their thinking was that she would never be hungry since she could eat such generous portions of these foods.

She bought a 5 pound bag of popcorn (it was about 4 feet tall and 3 feet around) and she ate that, and consumed mass quantities (yes, in the conehead way) of cauliflower.   I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was younger, she was hungry.  She began to eat orange peels too, because if she ate the orange, it meant she could eat the peel too, presumably.  Anything that was inert, without calories, she could eat, and she did.  Tell me this wasn’t a starvation diet.

Of course she lost weight on the diet.  But after that diet, her eating habits got strange.  She would sit down and eat a whole giant bag of Skittles.  She would not purge, but eat healthy for awhile, and then just eat whatever she wanted.

After this diet, she yo-yo dieted, well for the next 20 years.  She was never obese, never even really overweight.  She always had a small waist, a small frame and larger hips.  Just like a woman is supposed to have, really.

For my part, I honestly never thought much about it, until I began to remember at one point the weird stuff she would eat…dry cereal of the ultra healthy variety, ak-mak crackers which alway tasted to me like they should be rabbit or horse food, orange peels and of course the bushels of cauliflower.

At some point I read a study that was done on college kids in which they were kept on a starvation diet for a number of months.  It completely messed with these kids brains.  After the experiment, they all changed to food science majors and they all seemed to develop slightly less than healthy relationships with food…basically they had gotten a little obsessed with it. Huh…

Hm, well I have failed here in writing a humorous blog post, but food is still aways interesting to me too…. sorry friends.

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