Stepmom (for a few weeks) and high school reunions.


I am a stepmom for about 3 weeks of the year. Is it strange? Well of course. How can I pretend to be anything more than a prosthetic of something these kids already have?

But for 3 weeks of the year, they leave the Wyoming RV park they call home and they come to the suburbs of Portland to be with our family.

This year was particularly nice. They joined us from the 5th of June until yesterday when we came home from leaving them with their grandparents in CA. Towards the end of the trip, they even started to kind of confide in us. I miss them when they go and wish I could be more with them. But it does kind of shake up the applecart to suddenly have 3 kids. They are very good kids though.

My 11 year old stepdaughter in particular, somehow she has decided that I am ok. And I love to do stuff with her. She is quite mature and intelligent for an 11 year old. Poor thing chipped her tooth at the park.

We took them back to California where their mom will pick them up, and they will have time with grandparents. In California, it is about the extent of our vacation for the year (esp. since I am pregnant). We go out on the boat on Whiskeytown Lake, go swimming, take late night walks after going out for ice cream, sleep in late and generally behave in the slothful way we have wanted to behave all year. My mother in law does everything in her power to be the world’s best hostess, and succeeds :o)

Now though, we are finally home. And my main summer obligations are over. Now I get to hunker down to the domestic life. Organizing closets that were not paid careful attention when we moved in, catching up on neglected duties…glamorous ones in particular–like potty training, garage sales. Photos soon.

While we were there we attended J’s hi skool reunion.  I went expecting a bunch of dumpy looking folk with big bellies and receding hairlines.  Surprisingly enough, it seemed like everyone in his tiny class was just the sort of person you would be cool with hanging out with.  Of course there were the family that boasted of quads and swimming pools on their mini ranch (file under: who cares?), and the standard gossip mongers, the guy who never married and still acts like he did in high school, and the husband that is entirely too good looking, the sullen barbie doll, the happy pregnant homeschooler…but they were all pretty fine.

My reunion is this year as well.  I will be some 9 months pregnant.  Should I go?  Our class was huge and I can’t think of too many I would want to see…do I go?

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